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Cantina Laredo (Internatational Chain)

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I've eaten at Cantina Laredo twice now. Here are a few tidbits of info that may be helpful.

They have a "gluten sensitive" menu. It has several options, but some of them are not realistic.

For example, the waitstaff will tell you that the chips are not prepared in a dedicated fryer. They occasionally prepare the special order of wheat chips.

The tortillas (corn and wheat) are prepared on the same press. You may be able to instruct them on how to do this safely. They will bring cold tortillas "straight from the bag" if you like. The fajita fillings are brought to the table so sizzling that the tortilla warms right up.

The onions and peppers are sauteed in soybean oil with a touch of butter for flavor.

The guacamole is very, very good as are the mojitos.

Cantina Laredo website

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