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Toddler's Initial Bloodwork "between Positive And Negative"?

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In 2004, it was determined that I need to avoid gluten through an elimination diet suggested by my GI. I have never had any further tests done so I am not familiar with them. My son, 18 months, just had a blood test done by his pediatrician for Celiac due to persistent loose stools. The test came back "between positive and negative" and he needs further evaluation by a GI.

Back when I was trying to figure out what was going on with me I read that negative blood tests for Celiac are unreliable, but that a positive test is usually accurate. What does neither positive nor negative indicate? Just that it is inconclusive? I know there are worse things, but I really hoped that my kids wouldn't have to deal with being Celiac and I am of course worried.

For parents with Celiac kids, what kind of testing did they have to go through? Any at all or just an elimination diet?


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