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Ox on the Roof

Lactose Tolerance Test

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I had a lactose tolerance test run today and it was a nightmare! I had to drink Lactulose. As I understand it, Lactulose is a synthetic sugar derived from lactose, used for constipation. When used as a laxative, you normally have a tablespoon, but I had to take 75 mL (a little over FIVE tablespoons). Needless to say, I was running to the bathroom constantly. And I had to be stuck every thirty minutes for four hours, plus the control stick and one blown vein (duh, after ten, who wouldn't blow a vein?), for a total of TEN sticks. Now, hours later, everything I am eating is still rushing through and my stomach sounds like I have some kind of underwater creature in there!

If you have had this done, is Lactulose what you had to drink? I am paranoid that the lab ordered LacTUlose instead of lactose and that the test won't be valid, after all this! But since it is derived from lactose, maybe it's the right thing.

Everything I've read online about this tests just says that you have to drink something "containing lactose," so I thought if someone on here has had this run they might know exactly what they drank.


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Perhaps they gave you LacTooLoose instead??? :blink: Sounds like a pretty miserable test.

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