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I've Been Glutened - I Think

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I have been feeling terrible since September of 2010 - and I have tried playing detective - trying to figure out what foods I should avoid - some I have found - others I am still in the dark....

My poor husband has no idea what I can and cannot eat - we no longer go out to restaurants - because I am afraid to try something that may or may not make me sick. Everytime I experiment, I feel terrible. It is not just the gluten - but it is a number of other foods that I have now developed intolerance. I've read though that when the intestines are inflamed - that food intolerance is not unusual and that sometimes when the intestines heal, you can introduce foods back. But to how long this may take - is anyone's guess.

Anyway this weekend - I was in total denial - thinking maybe it isn't the gluten at all causing all my woes - maybe it is something entirely different - like colitis, gastritis, ulcer, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohns, etc. and I have made an appointment with a new gastroenterologist to figure out what I have. I do not feel great when not eating gluten - but I do feel somewhat better. Anyway - during this period of denial - I ate some Sour Dough bread (which is good for IBS - which supposedly I do have). Well - let me tell you - I was sooo sick! It was a weird sick though - not the soft stool which I usually have in the mornings now - but bad stomach upset followed by going to the bathroom a lot (but funny - not soft at all) but just having to keep going and going. Somehow the gluten harded the stool but gave me bad gas, bloating, and pain and I had to continually go to the bathroom - kept me up most of the night. To my mind - I think this was being glutened - or wasn't it?

After reading as much as I have been - Crohns and IBD symptoms sometimes will require not eating gluten or dairy or high fructose - so now I have no idea what I am dealing with - one or a combo of things. And to think, all this started out with an intestinal virus or food poisoning.

I sure do miss eating the things I had been - wish this was so less complicated!

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