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Serious Exposure To Wheat

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I recently realized that I had several major exposures to gluten within a month. First, I accidentally ate two wheat tortillas when i was home on break, I had some diarrhea but that was all, I don't typically have severe reactions. Next, I bought two boxes of what I thought was gluten free spaghetti--I was wrong. I didn't realize until I had almost finished both boxes. Again, I was having indigestion and stomach issues and feeling generally unwell, but nothing was serious enough that I started looking until I got really sick last Monday--I was throwing up for the next 24 hours or so. I have three questions: since my first exposure a month ago I've had a yeast infection that refuses to go away--is this likely connected? Second, how long should I anticipate symptoms remaining for? Usually when I only have a few crumbs I go to the bathroom and feel fine. I understand that some people have reactions for about a week. For this extended exposure, will my symptoms be gone in a week or so, or will it take longer to heal? Finally, should I be concerned with insufficient nutrient levels--iron, vitamin d all that stuff?


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