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17 Year Old Wondering If It's Just Gluten Intolerance..?

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Hey everyone! Hm, where to start.

I'm Olivia, I'm 17 years old and am a self-diagnosed celiac because my doc just blames IBS for everything and only did a colonoscopy..I'm still waiting on the endoscopy. I started eating gluten-free two days ago and I have NEVER, EVER, EVER felt this good, or normal for that matter. I am amazed that I can eat and not have a stomach ache and not be embarrassed of gas and my need to run to the bathroom. When choosing foods I kept questions whether things were gluten-free or not even if I knew they were because I knew that I still had a reaction to them.

When I eat peanut butter, I have a reaction. I was thinking cross-contamination but sometimes even some from a new jar kills me. I just ate Kettle Cuisine southwestern chicken and corn chowder and my stomach is SO distended. I am so bloated it's insane, but I don't have the pain right now thank god. It's just that I'm sooo bloated.

A few days ago when I started gluten-free nothing was giving me bloating. I was eating the gluten-free crackers and snack bars. But as soon as I ate the soup, I was done for. What could this be an intolerance to?!

I also realized WHY I have so many other weird health problems. I always had yeast infections and an odor that all docs said was just "normal," until I switched to gluten-free. From the MOMENT I started eating gluten-free I had no odor or issues. My acne is clearing up, my whole body is just healthier. I suffer from anxiety and depression and can sleep easy-I feel so much happier, such less anxiety. There are countless other things I now realize were from the gluten!

I was just wondering if you guys think I may have an intolerance to other things-Milk sometimes gets me too :/. Also, if you could all suggest some foods I could buy that don't have the things I may be intolerant to as well and are not just gluten-free. Thank you!!

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I'm mostly replying to this to say that I too had a HUGE problem with yeast that instantly disappeared when I cut out gluten. My acne also pretty much went away, though it wasn't too bad before.

Lactose intolerance is very common among celiacs and the gluten intolerant, especially at the time of diagnosis for celiacs because the villi that are destroyed by gluten also produce the enzymes needed to break down lactose.

Other common intolerances, for those that have other sensitivities along with gluten, are corn, soy, nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, etc.), sometimes nuts, legumes, yeast, eggs, and fructose. Don't get scared thinking you can't have any of those foods, just be conscious of what you're eating and be aware of your symptoms. Others can offer better advice on identifying potential problem foods.

For now, stick with whole, unprocessed foods as much as you can. Fruits, veggies, rice, meats, and not too crazy on seasonings, especially when you don't know exactly what they are. A body trying to heal and adjust to a new diet shouldn't be challenged with things that are either questionable or already hard to digest.

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