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Another 'could This Be'...

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I've recently gotten a red, bumpy rash on the inside of my left arm. Sometimes it shows up on the right arm in the same spot. Usually, the bumps will go away in a few days, but the skin remains itchy and discolored. This has been going on for a few weeks. I went through a period of 1-2 years as a teenager when I had the same symptoms much, much worse - very red itchy bumps on both arms that would last for weeks. My doctor put the rash down to stress.

I've been gluten free since having positive blood tests last fall. I haven't had the endoscopy, but my migraines, fatigue and other symptoms are much improved. I'm wondering if the rash could be DH - I've never been diagnosed w/any other skin conditions, and I've come out negative for other allergies, except dust and mold. Has anyone had DH that has gone dormant for years and/or is similar to my symptoms? My other symptoms seem fairly sensitive to low-levels of gluten contamination - is it possible for DH to resurface after going gluten free?

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It is possible for DH to still rear it's ugly head after going gluten free. It takes YEARS for the anti-bodies under the skin to die off. If I get accidentally glutened (even trace amounts in "gluten free" products) I get new bumps. Also, if it is DH it is also activated by iodine so switch out your salt and avoid things like seaweed and asparagus and shellfish. There are even times when I don't know WHAT caused it but I will still break out so DH must be VERY sensitive.

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I had a rash on my leg that lasted over a year.

It was attributed to "stress" by my Dr.

It eventually went away. I never learned about gluten.

About 5 years later I got DH sores on my chin that got worse and spread to my forehead.

Not only can the sores appear and disappear...yes, even for years. They can appear in new places and/or old sores can re-activate.

I'm now gluten free but 5 months into it and strictly avoiding gluten and iodine, I still have the rash. It appears to be healing and then flares for no apparent reason.

I cringe when I read that it takes 6 months to 2 years for the rash to heal for some people.

And the antibodies can stay in the skin for up to 10 years.

Prolly have the rash for 10 more years, but all we can do is stay gluten/iodine free and hope for the best.

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