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Biopsy Results In

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Hi All,

First off, I'd like to say how much of a blessing this site has been for me.

It's a comfort to know I can go somewhere to read, learn, and share.

My biopsy results came back today- all negative. Things looked normal.

This actually frustrated me.

Here are my blood test results:

Severe iron anemia- ferritin at 3

Low hemoglobin, hemocrit, low white and low red blood cell count.

Low protein levels.

Increased liver function (not good).

Celiac gene test = positive

Major issue that spurred above testing: Iron deficit anemia, body not absorbing iron, even liquid iron over a 12 mnth period.

So my Dr pretty much told me there is no reason why I'm anemic.

What?! I'm so frustrated and upset...I need my iron levels up badly. I'm so very tired and just not feeling like myself at all.

I have started a strict gluten free diet and have largely eliminated all grains and dairy.

I feel better than I have in a very long time.

However, will this help me increase my iron levels? That is my main concern.

I have suspected celiac or gluten intolerance due to my other symptoms (depression, fatigue, bloating, night sweats).

I guess I'm looking for advice or suggestions from others.

Thanks in advance!!

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Your doing the right thing by giving the diet a good strict try. Chances are if gluten is an issue for you both the iron levels and the liver enzymes will normalize after a bit. I hope your feeling better soon.

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My advice is, do try the diet. See the discussion in this thread

You need the diet just as much as a celiac does.

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