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I am gluten intolerant and have tested positive for wheat, barley and oat allergies. I am pretty careful about how I cook and have noticed the last three times I cooked a gluten-free meal with beef I had gut symptoms similar to when I have been glutened. Does this sound possible? I am trying to determine if I had cross contamination issues or if I am sensitive to red meat.

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hey i have been off gluten for about 2 months now. It took me a while but i don't eat red meat right now either. I also had an H. pylori infection and probably leaky gut and messed up digestion. I can handle chicken/fish/light pork but i have a problem with red meat/heavy pork (sausages, patties, etc.). In my case i think it has to do with a digestive issue. Try chewing your food REALLY well when you eat that stuff. If it helps then it is probably a digestive issue. If it doesn't help, then you are probably sensitive to red meat itself at this time.

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