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I Need To Start A Rotational Diet - Is Anyone Else Familiar With It?

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Before being diagnosed as a Celiac, my body became sensitized to various foods due to leaky gut syndrome. To summarize:

3 years ago, I noticed that I had really bad inflammation and pus-filled lesions anytime I touched ANY PROTEIN. Even 1 single bean. I stopped eating all protein for two years (under the watchful eye of a doctor) and then about a year ago I noticed that my body had become sensitized to even MORE foods, this time nightshade vegetables and all grains.

I began a gluten-free diet 1 year ago and removed soy and corn from my diet 6 months ago. From what I've read, genetically modified corn and soy can cause quite a few problems among Celiacs.

I have been told that I need to start a 3-day rotational diet so that my body does not become sensitized to more foods as time goes on. This means I won't be able to eat the same food or food family until every 4th day. I must plan everything ahead of time and label my spices, my cooking oils, -everything- ahead of time.

I am wondering if there are others who were forced to do a rotational diet? How long did you have to remain on such a diet? Did you find the trigger (other than gluten) that was causing your body to become more and more sensitive to various foods?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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I am doing a "not so strict" rotation diet right now. Just making sure to rotate your foods and not eat the same thing every couple days. There are a few things you should realize.

1. Gluten is probably what caused most of your other sensitizations

2. How long have you been off gluten? You will probably need to be off dairy for a few months too.

3. Emotions have a lot to do with food sensitivities, and it is worth finding out what you are intolerant to so you are not afraid of everything you put into your mouth.

4. Look into cocoa pulse testing. I have been doing this the last week or 2 to trace food intolerances. Take your pulse before you eat and then after you eat, 15 minutes after, and 30 minutes after. If your pulse goes up by 5 or more beats per minute you are probably intolerant to that food.

5. Are you still intolerant to proteins? I am unfamiliar with this one.


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