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I was just looking through my coupons and I saw an ad for Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles Treats. It said "gluten free and 90 calories" in the ad. There is also a .75/1 coupon for these and I can get them for just .39 at my local store.

SO has anyone tried them yet? I'm guessing they have a bunch of stuff I can't have like soy or dairy. Anyone have a box and care to share the ingredients? I checked Post's website and couldn't find the ingredients anywhere.

Just to be clear this is for the NEW treats, NOT the cereal. Even if I can't eat these I'm going to get some for when my niece comes to visit so I have a child-friendly snack in the house that is at least gluten free.

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Nutritional Information, Ingredients & Exchange

We like them a lot. My son likes the fruity ones and I like the cocoa ones the best.

Thanks Dixiebell! So it looks like they do have milk and soy. Darn. Oh well, I'm glad to hear that your son like them. My niece will love these. I know she like the packaged Rice Krispie treats but those are not gluten free. It's not fun to clean up a sticky messy child after she eats something with gluten. Nice to have these as an option.

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I tried the store made treats and they were alright. The coco pebbles cereal is actually gluten free so I make my own. It's so delicious!

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