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I'm glad you posted this, IrishHeart, because you were making me feel guilty for the soy I ingest! :P

I do agree that for some people, soy can be a problem. One of my friends gave it up as it was causing memory issues...noticeable memory issues. He is not a Celiac. I have had zero issues with the amount of soy I eat, which is not huge

as I eat little processed foods but I do eat some. Maybe I am lucky but soy seems to agree with me. It hasn't affected my hormone levels at all because the hot flashes are still there. I have read that Japanese women do not have hot flashes because of the soy they eat in their diet....better quality soy but soy all the same. Doesn't seem to do that much for me, unfortunately!

I will try the almond milk, though, as I have been curious about the taste. I am always looking for alternatives and now that people here have recommended it, I'll give it a shot. The one treat I will not give up is the Starbuck's Chai Lattes, and I have to have them made with soy milk because I cannot do dairy. I bet it would taste great with the almond milk! I wonder if Bucky's would agree to make them with almond milk, if I brought it in? ^_^

I like the almond milk! :)

I have two friends--one a vegan, one a vegetarian--and they incorporate a LOT of soy in their diets. It works for THEM. I just don't get the attraction to tofu. I think it's a texture thing for me...file under..."everyone's different" ! :)

The type of fermented soy Japanese women consume is not at all like the stuff we have here. The soy lecithin and soy oil here has been stripped of nutrients. Read "The Whole Soy Story" if you really want to learn the ugly truth about what we consume --or I should say "used to consume"--when eating processed foods ...then again, maybe you guys shouldn't :unsure: ..LOLLOL

And, honestly, if I hadn't inadvertently stumbled on the fact that I have a problem with it, I would have continued merrily along drinking the occasional soy milk and using mayo, etc...so, I took it out of my diet and still felt so lousy....until the gluten and dairy were removed.

And I still feel lousy, so.... :blink:

I know, I am still healing.... :(

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