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Tasty Bite Mislabelling

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Heard about this company. The website lists thier gluten free products and has Zany Multigrain with cracked wheat as gluten-free.

Also, someone posted a pic of a product called Barley Medley. The first ingredient is barley & the package is labelled gluten free. I wrote the company and got this repsonse. She noticed it on Friday because someone else had already emailed.

At best, this company is careless, in my opinion.

Good morning Karen,

Yes, Zany Multigrain is listed under the gluten free section on our website by mistake. I noticed this on Friday and asked the person responsible for this to take it off. I will ask them again. I apologize! I will be going through all of our products this week to make sure they are in the right section, that is unacceptable.

As for Barley Medley I have written our Chef Food Scientist last night to find out why it is listed as Gluten Free. I do not know enough to make a comment at this time. I will let you know what I hear.

I am sorry for any issues this may have caused you and I promise that I will get to the bottom of this for you.

Thank you,


Tasty Bite Preferred Brands International, Inc.


E: dara@tastybite.com

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Thanks for the warning Karen! I have looked at these products before and even ate them a few times before going gluten-free. It seems like the kind of food that would be ok for celiacs and conventent and so forth. But maybe not so much... :(

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I got this response about the labeling the barley Medley as gluten free. This carelessness with labeling, makes me scared about what other things they might be careless about. Too bad. It looked like some convenient and interesting foods.

Hi Karen,

I was able to find out the mistake with Barley Medley.

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I emailed them in March to find out what steps they take to prevent cross contamination, since the packages indicate that the facility also uses wheat. Here's the response I got:

Thank you for taking the time to write us. The factory uses a batch process which means we run one food item at a time and then all of the equipment is cleaned in between each batch; However, there is no way to ensure that cross contamination won't happen because we do use the same equipment. If you are very senstive to gluten then I would suggest you not eat our products.

The package I bought is still sitting in my cupboard. Can't decide whether to eat it.

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