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  1. Nothing. Got glutened by my mother-in-law this afternoon and now soooooooooo sick.
  2. Gastroenterologist walks into the room, looks at my chart and says: "You have Celiac Disease. Go look it up on the internet. Come back in 6 months". Then walks out. That was the appointment where I was given the diagnosis. Another doctor: "since the Celiac came on so quickly, I'm sure it will...
  3. I read an article somewhere (but can't find it now) that said US labelling laws don't allow them to label the beer gluten free because its made from barley. We have the same thing here in Canada with oats. Certified gluten-free oats cannot be labelled as gluten-free, only wheat free, because Canadian...
  4. I was vegetarian when first diagnosed, but encountered too many situations soon after where the only option was eat meat or eat nothing. But as a caveat, I was travelling at the time and not in full control of choosing my own food. So I started eating meat again and really like it, but I only eat...
  5. We're going out to the pub tonight so I"m eating dinner before we go: sausage, garlic mashed potatos, and sugar snap peas.
  6. It was chili night at our house. We made a big pot of beef and bean chili and ate it with Que Pasa corn chips.
  7. The second the aluminum foil suggestion. We have a new bbq too so nothing containing gluten has ever touched it. But when visiting other people I always ask them to cook my food in foil and use separate utensils.
  8. I'm Canadian but my dad is from SA. We have a butcher nearby that makes gluten free boerewors. Just had some for dinner for tonight, made on the braai! Yum!
  9. Too lazy to cook real food tonight, so its teff porridge. With leftovers for breakfast tomorrow.
  10. I live in Canada, but I just wanted to say how much I miss Oz and NZ! Two months after I was diagnosed Celiac I started a 6 month trip around Oz and NZ and loved your countries! Plus, I found it so much easier to find gluten-free food there than here. I was stunned that the tiny grocery store in...
  11. I had a blood clot in my leg last November, but it was in the superficial vein, not the deep vein, so not as serious as DVT. I have no idea if it was related to Celiac or not (I was diagnosed 3 years ago and am strict about the gluten-free diet). But no one could figure out why I had the clot -...
  12. What I like to call "breakfast rice". I hate rice pudding as a dessert, but I often make a form of it for breakfast. Take leftover rice. Mix in milk and/or yogurt of choice. Add cinnamon, dried fruit, nuts. I often make up a big batch at the beginning of the week and put a serving in a small container...
  13. I just enjoyed a delicious fish pie. Now I'm waiting for a mysterious dessert....I hope its chocolate. The best part is that I didn't have to make any of it. Good thing my boyfriend is a suberb cook. And baker. And its all gluten-free. Its our Valentines dinner.
  14. Just remembered another remedy - tetracycline. My sister used to use this. Get a prescription from your doctor for the capsules, and then empty the capsules into water and use it as a rinse. The powder doesn't dissolve in the water, so you have use it quickly after mixing or shaking. Only the powder...