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  1. Nothing. Got glutened by my mother-in-law this afternoon and now soooooooooo sick.
  2. As a woman with Celiac and Hashimotos who is considering having children in the next few years, I'm terrified to have...
  3. I was just diagnosed with Hashimotos thyroiditis, and started taking Synthroid 2 days ago. Yesterday I had 4-5 bowel...
  4. A restaurant near me recently started offering a gluten-free menu. So I sent them an email explaining the importance...
  5. ElseB


    Someone tried to tell me last week that pregnancy was a cure for Celiac Disease. This person supposedly had a friend...
  6. ElseB

    Panicking About Cruise

    I actually specifically asked the cruiseline about taking crackers off and they said that even that wasn't allowed. I...
  7. I'm going on a Baltic cruise in a few weeks and I'm starting to panic about food. I thought it would be okay because...
  8. ElseB

    Montreal And Quebec City

    I was in Quebec City a few weeks ago and ate at a few places: Cafe du Monde, Cosmos Cafe, Lapin Saute. I highly recommend...
  9. If you're at all pre-disposed to canker sores, Tri-Cyclen will make the problem infinitely worse. I was on Tri-Cyclen...
  10. It really is trial and error and the more you try, the better you get! I've stopped using gluten free cookbooks entirely...
  11. ElseB

    Montreal And Quebec City

    I'm going to Quebec City next week so I'll let you know what I find that is sans gluten!
  12. I know this doesn't help those in the US (unless you want to stock up on your next trip to Canada), but I have confirmed...
  13. I think they're probably manufactured differently. I've come across a lot of products that contain different ingredients...
  14. Stock up on your next visit to Canada. All Advil is gluten free here. I guess this is another one of those cases where...
  15. Gastroenterologist walks into the room, looks at my chart and says: "You have Celiac Disease. Go look it up on the internet...