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Low Albumin Iron And B12 Deficient After 8 Months gluten-free Diet

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Hello Everyone,

My daughter has been on a gluten free diet for over 8 months and continues to have protein absorption issues or maybe protein loss. Her albumin is 1.4 and has been receiving iron infusions and b12 shots. Her b12 shot up over 2000 about a month ago, we so figured she was absorbing from the food. Her last iron infusion was a month ago and her recent blood test both show below normal again. She has a celiac genetic test performed and had a high of 16%? something like that. Her new gastro doctor thinks she may not have celiac, but maybe protein losing enteropathy. I feel she still has celiac, but maybe still has absorption issues that she may need enzymes for. The other thing can be lactose...I never took this out of her diet until recently. Her new doctor put her on a medium chain triglycerides oil and she can not eat any other oils, milk, cheese, etc for 4 weeks to see if she is better.

My question is can she just need protease enzyme to help her absorb the protein? I have her on probiotic pills as well.

She is 20 years old and has: Down Syndrome, 2009 diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and 2010 diagnosed with Celiac based on endoscopy that was not clear cut positive. We hardly ever eat out and I make all the food at home, except gluten-free bread and crackers and maybe pretzels that she snacks on.

Please advise.

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