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Anyone Have These Symptoms?

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I have recently gone on the a diet where I order pre-packed foods online..(This site doesn't allow me to post the name)

The diet is great because their food does not contain wheat in the ingred.

Plus, they have a bunch of certified gluten-free foods you can order.

Within the past week I am realizing I am wheat sensitive.

I stopped eating anything made on cc machines, etc, and only ate the gluten-free foods. I then started running out of my diet food and ate one of the 'bars'. WOW. Felt like complete crap - the way I did when I cheated on my diet over Easter and had a scone.

What happens is, at first I just feel foggy.. then several hours later I just want to lay down because I feel incredibly sick inside. Every limb, every part of me just feels horrible. It's hard to describe. It's as if my blood is sick. And my body 'wants' to break out into a sweat. I don't want to move. I don't want to lift my head up and I get winded if I speak.

So the day I had a bar, that evening I experienced the symptoms, but then the next day was fine for a little bit and then boom.. I'm feeling the same way again. I notice my body just wants to rest and when it does, it then can go for a little while and then I have to rest again. (maybe until I rids itself of the gluten?)

I think cutting gluten while going on this diet helped me identify that wheat was making me sick. Has anyone heard of these symptoms for wheat sensitive/celiacs?

Thanks ahead of time.:)

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This reply is a little late. I see that this message was posted in May.

I was searching for symptom posts because I feel what I call "alone with my symptoms" when I have a reaction and have a rough time expressing the way I feel to my husband.

Reading this description is like reading my thoughts about my reactions.

First, I feel very faint and then my brain and body feel as if they are self-destructing from the inside o ut. Then, I have a terrible intestinal reaction that comes in waves for about three days if I stop consumption right away. One day after, most of my major muscle groups ache as if each one had been individually worked to failure (I tell my husband "it's like a train hit me"). The most interference comes from the mood swings, fatigue, and brain fog. Oh yes, and the unrelenting appetite. I am in my second year of college and trying to study through a reaction is very difficult for me.

If any of the things I listed ring a bell, I'm sorry and I hope you are doing well in staying gluten-free. If you have found any methods that help you weather the storm of the reaction, please share if you feel comfortable.

Best of luck to every one!

Jessica Enevold

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