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That GF Girl

Casin Allergy? Advice On Cyrex Labs? What To Do?!

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I have been gluten-free for about year. Brain fog and most digestive issues cleared up. Have adrenal insuff so have to eat lots of protein and that has included dairy to sustain energy and take tons of supplements.

Thought the dairy might be giving me probs so gave up dairy for a couple weeks about 6 mos ago and didnt notice any chgs. I do eat lots of dairy and am wondering if maybe the dairy is inhibiting all the supplements I am taking. Thus, I am not getting as favorable results to them and not absorbing so still dealing with fatigue. The other issue is I am having stomach issues again. Just plain upset nervous stomach sometimes crampy and sometimes loose stools. I have to eat every 3 hrs with hypoglycemic symp so thats where the dairy was so convenient along with my other foods. I eat nuts too but wonder if they too are bothering me. Has anyone used Cyrex labs and the panel 4 to determine if there are other foods that bother some gluten sensitive people? It is an expensive test and was recommended for me to have done. I cant imagaine no butter- How do I bake gluten-free? And no Yougert or cottage cheese? These are main stays in my refrigerator.

Need a hand with this one.. the Cyrex test deals with some specific foods like casin, quoina, chocolate, potatoes etc I have had "normal " lab allergy testing and it showed about 8 years ago a milk allergy and every else too. Then about 2 yrs ago hardly allergic to anything including milk how are normal lab tests via blood for accuracy?

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The blood tests are known to have a high rate of false positives. I have not heard a lot about the Cyrex tests, but I doubt they are any more accurate. I think these sorts of tests can be helpful if some one needs encouragement to look into dietary issues, ad they can give you a place to start, but you still have to confirm the results with an elimination and challenge.

Consider your supplements too. I think they are not always "gluten free enough" for some people. My spouse feels much better without them. At the very least, stop them all for a week and add them back in, one at a time, very slowly, to check for problems.

If you do get rid of dairy, you could try ghee (butter melted and the protein, casein, removed). It has vitamin K2, which is important for your bone health and mineral metabolism in general.

I have done some dairy free baking; check out Elana's Pantry blog ora vegan baking cookbook. I am not a big baker, though. The Paleo diet seems to suit my spouse.

good luck; keep us posted!

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