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Late Life Gluten Intolerance Onset

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I am new to the Forum, and reading many of your posts with eagerness. So much to learn. I'm interested to know if the onset of my problem is familiar. I've been healthy and eaten pretty much what I've wanted throughout my adult life. I'm a grandma now, after 3 healthy pregnancies of my own 30+ years ago. I broke a leg skiing about 8 years ago, and was on Vicodin for about a month (bad break -- big surgery!). Looking back, I'm able to pinpoint a sort of heightened peristalsis to the time following that. I just decided it was the new me, and kept going (no pun!) This January I was knocked down by a dog while ice skating, and --again -- vicodin. This time, after the painkiller/laxative combo, i never regained even my old 'normal.' Constant diarrhea, and foggy brain (well, even foggier than before). I read an article that raised my curiosity about gluten, and tried giving it up. Wow! Return to normal, and feels like windex has been sprayed on my brain. Does that story resonate with any of you veterans? Also -- after being 'clean' for a few weeks, a gluten goof (like sauce in a restaurant) is much worse than before. Any familiarity there?


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