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Pre-Test Diet For Toddlers Celiac Blood Test.

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Hi. My 18month old has many symptoms that his Dr. wanted to test him for possible Celiacs at his 2 year old check up. Then after hearing my concerns, said to go ahead and take him off wheat for a few days to see if there was a change.

We did and on Day 4 gluten free, my 18month old had his first, almost normal BM, not all diarreha. Each day, things have gotten better. Now it has been a week and Dr. wants to run the blood work to check for Celiacs.


Do I go ahead and put him on a diet including gluten before the bloodwork.

Does anyone know if those 7 days would affect the test with a false negative?

Note- he has been eating gluten for a year, and real food gluten, bread, cookies, pretzels etc for about 9months.

Thank you.

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Well - appears there were no replies to my post. That's okay, I figured it out.


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