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Austin Guy

Daughter's Symptoms - Might It Be Dh?

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A few years ago my 17 year old daughter started reacting to sun exposure. She got a rash on her arms and legs. Nothing seemed to get rid of it but time out of the sun. She also has fainting spells, hypoglycemia, gets nauseous often, gets migraines and various other things. Could this be a gluten problem? I am a recently diagnosed Celiac at age 53 so I suspect my daughter has the gene.

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What you describe doesn't sound like DH at all to me. The other stuff COULD be related to celiac, but also to a whole host of other things.

HOWEVER, your daughter should be tested. All your first-degree relatives, even ones without symptoms, should be tested, according to celiac experts. All of mine were, and my father was highly positive with only minor symptoms.


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