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Cara in Boston

On Line gluten-free Food Shopping

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What is the best place to order from?

We are going to a family reunion in a few weeks and for the first time, my son and I need to be gluten free. I was planning on having some basics (bread, cereal, hamburger buns, pasta) sent ahead to our destination. We are staying with family but I don't want them to try and do any gluten-free shopping since my son is very picky and I know exactly what he likes. Also, it is somewhat of a small town and I'm not sure what our choices would be if we don't bring our own food.

There are so many places on-line to pick from and we also have Amazon prime (free shipping).

Just wondering if anyone had any feedback on the various sites . . .

Thanks -


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We have "The Gluten Free Mall" as part of this website. ;)

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