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What Is The Best Gluten And Broad Food Sensitivity Testing

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I had a Labcorp comprehensive Celiac panel which came up

DGA IgA = 10.4 range 0.0 - 10.0

DGA IgG = 2.2 range 0.0 - 10.0

iTG IgA = 1 range 0-3

iTG IgG = 1 range 0-5

Endomysial IgA = negative

Immunoglogulin A, Qn, serum = 201 range = 70-400

Opinions on the meaning of the very high DGA IgA? Out of range high!

about 2 years ago and about 1-2 weeks after beginning my gluten free diet by checking labels

My symptoms have come back and I want to both repeat this test for comparison but also want to cross check it with another method if possible

I also want to check for other food sensitivities or allergies

Can anyone recommend a lab and tests that are reliable

A doctor I've seen suggested a RAST test but I've read its been replaced by the Elisa testing

Can anyone with experience recommend an alternative Gluten/Celiac test and broad food test to look for other food groups I might try and eliminate.

I've tried simple elimination but after learning about cross contamination and how difficult real elimination can be, it would be nice to have a test result to help focus my effort.

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If one tests positive for Deamidated Gliadin Abs or DGA IgA with a Labcorp 10.4 and range of 0-10

But has 2 biopsies come back negative along with DGS IgG, iTG IgG/IgA, endomysial IgA and Immunoglobulin A

But eliminating Gluten as best I could improved symptoms initially

Does the high DGA test suggest Gluten sensitivity when supported by the reduction in symptoms

Does the other results, especially the biopsies mean there is no intestinal lining damage and or reduction in absorption?

Can Gluten sensitivity cause lots of symptoms including neurological without Celiac intestinal damage?

Can the biopsies miss the damaged area?

Could being on a fairly good gluten free diet for almost a year cause the negative biopsies even though symptoms have returned?

Is there solid medical evidence and literature showing Gluten without Celiac can cause GI and neurological problems? Links?

What is rate of false negative on 2 biopsies after a year of gluten free but possibly some cross contamination continuing symptoms? links?

I need evidence for a traditional conservative doctor?

Has anyone seen the Mayo Clinic Celiac testing algorithms?


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I would really appreciate if you could share what testing you ended up doing for both celiace and other foods, and if you recommend, or not. I seem to have either extreme sensitivity to gluten or multiple intolerances/allergies and don't know how best to test, especially since I can't reintroduce gluten prior to blood testing since my symptoms are too rough. thanks.

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