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Celiac Home Tests

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Just did the at home gene test. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. I used the Prometheus MyCeliacID.

I am also interested in looking into GlutenPro's CeliacSure IgA tTg home test. It's already been approved in Canada, advertises results as accurate as lab test, and is currently in FDA approval trials being supervised by Dr. Daniel Leffler at Beth Israel Deaconess Med Ctr in Boston. Sounds pretty promising. The test can be ordered from Canada right now, costs under $100 including shipping, and basically works like a cross between a diabetic blood sugar test and a pg test. You stick your finger with the lancet provided, put a drop of blood on the test area, and wait for the results to develop.

Could make awesome holiday gifts for those family members reluctant to seek testing?


Wife of a wonderful, gluten intolerant DQ2/DQ2 husband!

Gluten Free home since June 2011

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