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Tinnitus And Balance Problems/mild Vertigo

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You're welcome, Gladgirl. 


When do you go in for your next MRI?


I also have a brain tumour in the pituitary/optic chiasm called a craniopharyngioma.  Slow growing.  At this point they don't want to operate as the symptoms are far more preferable to the excision.  



Hi, Kamma,


My last MRI was on Nov 23,2013 showing that the tumor had totally been resected...the biopsies (5) in total I have, but would prefer to share via e-mail. My next follow-ups at the Mayo Clinic are with my neurologist, Jan 20th  for follow-up about epilepsy and other issues...and then I will be testing with Hematology and meeting with my neuro surgeon on Jan 28th.  They wanted to be sure the craniotomy had healed very well before proceeding.  Please send me an e-mail via our system here, and I would like to discuss your tumor issues as well.  Thank you so much for the help. Joanie

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