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I Am So Furious

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I was told by a Dr 3 years ago that I was negative for the celiac genes and my celiac blood panel was negative therefore I couldn't be celiac. I have progressively gotten worse and worse and as some people on this site know I have had Intersusseption 4 times - its considered life threatening and it happened the last time I ate gluten after being gluten free for 6 weeks- I actually felt like I might die it was so bad.

Anyhow - I went to get my results because the Dr to see for Celiac stuff in this country said he could spare me 10 minutes to look at my results and see what I should do from there.

Anyhow - I found out that the tests were never done :o and for some reason the dr lied to me about it.

I just got my genes test back and have HLA DQ8 - after all this time and after all these years of trying to convince Drs that I'm not crazy that actually gluten makes me really really sick and being really dismissive and not entertaining the thought of it because my genes were negative.

From now on I will always demand a copy of any tests I have done.

Rant over!

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I would lodge a complain to the medical licensing board for that doctor. Lying and causing you years of suffering is simply unacceptable.

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