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Disney Cruise

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Hi -

We just returned from a cruise on the Disney Dream and I wanted to let people know how accommodating they were with my 3 year old's diet. He is on a gluten free/limited dairy diet not b/c of celiac but b/c of his autism. He's a picky eater because he also is sensitive to texture and won't eat meat. We could pre-order pretty much anything that he wanted and when we got to the buffet or restaurant we would just tell a staff person and they would bring it to us. They made him gluten free pancakes every morning and brought him dairy free ice cream every night. And they offered to bring the chef out at the buffet and tell us exactly what was gluten free and not. What really impressed me was that they clearly knew about gluten allergies - i.e. the manager was telling me that the hash browns weren't safe b/c they were fried in the same oil as things with gluten. That he even thought to tell me about told me that they knew about cross contamination.

I just wanted to share b/c before the trip I was stressing about how things were going to go for my son and I even loaded up our suitcase with gluten free options in case there wasn't anything for him. I wound up bringing everything back. They really worked hard to make my son happy.

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I am so happy to hear this ! We are going on the Disney Wonder on Tuesday - I had heard Disney was really good for gluten-free diets, nice to hear it confirmed !

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