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How Long Does The Celiac Panel Take?

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My 11 yr old son had his appointment today. I totally forgot to mention the mouth sores and the enamel defects. I covered family history of gluten issues, though. Had a lot to remember...I wish I would have written everything down. Wasn't too keen on what the dr was saying about the muscle aching pain my son is experiencing. From not getting enough fluids to he's growing and he might have it for another 7 yrs. Hopefully, she didn't see my rolling eyes :blink: ... I'm just happy she did some blood work. Getting the celiac panel and something else that had to do with the muscles.

My poor son...I hated I made him get that blood work done but I felt it was necessary. He was totally freaking out before the nurses came back in with the stuff to draw the labs. He was in tears and so mad at me. I'm just glad it's over and now the wait.

Which reminds me....how long does it normally take for the celiac panel to come back. She didn't give me a timeline just said it takes a while :unsure:

Oh, and she suggested he make sure he's getting enough fluids everyday. My son wants to go gluten free asap. So I think I'm just going to go with that...if his pains go away we'll know. I really don't believe it has to do with hydration...he drinks plenty during the day...so I'm not going to be fixated on how much he's drinking.


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The blood tests can took about 5 days for me and a week for one of my boys. Depends where they send them. One place only runs them once a week. This is in the US.

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