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Milestones gluten-free Menu

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My BF and I were out today and got hungry - we decided to try Milestones, since someone recently mentioned to us that Milestones has a gluten-free menu.

We went over and I checked out the menu before we went inside. I was a bit "meh" at first, since it had maybe 5 things on it ... but then I saw the word HAMBURGER and I was too tempted to resist. We almost never have burgers because ... well I guess I'm too lazy to prep them lol raw beef grosses me out.

Anyway, we had a great chat with the server, who had a shellfish allergy and could attest to the safety of the kitchen based on her own experiences, so that made us feel better. I risked it and had the burger - it was awesome! The beef was nicely cooked and had a great flavour, and the bun tasted like an actual bun! I was worried for a moment that maybe they'd given me a gluten bun by mistake. Nope - they just really found a great bakery.

My "gluten window" (usually 20 minutes - 2 hours) passed without incident. I had the other half of my burger for dinner and it was tasty reheated, and I still feel great.

Can't wait to go back!! (Next time, extra pickles.)

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This post is super helpful! I love milestones, and my parents love it too, and after recently going back to the gluten-free diet, I cant wait to give this a shot.

Thanks a million,


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