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So ever since The Great B Complex Debacle (too much isn't a good thing), my stomach has just been weird.

I feel like I'm 28 again, having weird stomach issues - is it acid, do I have a bug, is it allergies?????? And the saddest, funniest part - I don't have C, don't have D - but since I go more than 1x a day I'm immediately suspicious. Evidently I'm not good with change. I don't know what "normal" is. I am assuming somethingvis a bit off, since my stomach feels a bit acidic - but am wondering if being a picky eater because I'm worried about how many times I'm going to Tge restroom is affecting my stomach!!


I know, elimination diet. And I don't think it's gluten because it happens when I eat at home where I'm safe, too.

I think I'm going to just let it ride and see if it works itself out. If it doesn't work out in a week, I'll have to start eliminating stuff.

This is such a PITA.

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