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Amy Gallagher

Non Celiac And Breast Feeding

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Hi Everyone,

I do not have celiac disease, but my husband does. I read that it is important for me to eat gluten throughout the pregnancy to pass along my immunity to the baby, however I was unsure about what I should do once breastfeeding. I know not to introduce solid forms of gluten until 4-6 months, but should I follow a gluten free diet while breastfeeding? I haven't been able to find any research on this. It says mothers who have celiac disease should follow the diet, but nothing of mothers without celiac disease. Thanks!

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I actually was able to answer my own question. I found a link that says "If neither the baby nor the mother has confirmed celiac disease, the mother should continue to eat gluten, even if there is a history of celiac disease in the family, because there is a chance that exposure to gluten in breast milk will actually help the baby to develop a normal immune response to gluten."

It was in the article Gluten-Free Baby? Facts About Celiac Disease, Breastfeeding, and Gluten.

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