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Gluten Intolerance...

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When were you tested for infections? It sometimes takes 3-6 months for them to come out after you have been gluten free. I work with biohealth diagnostics and they have the number 1 workup anywhere. Parasites and other infectious agents hide out in the damaged gut. They specialize with celiacs and in 20 years they have ALWAYS found infections in people who are gluten intolerant. It's just a question when they will be found. I could take months before they come out...My test results will be back in two weeks. I'll keep you posted!

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I was just tested and I've been gluten-free 4 months now. I'm taking small amouts of grapefruit seed extract each day and lots of probiotics just in case ;)


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Thanks Richard! I never thought about parasites. I will look into getting those tests done. Do the parasites actually come from the foods we eat? I do eat a lot of sushi.

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Take a midol. Seriously, it has something to stop the fluid retention.

I don't want to freak anyone out here, but are you sure that Midol is gluten-free??

I tried to check and never got a response from the company. It isn't on ANY gluten-free medication list I have ever seen and when I went gluten-free two years ago everyone seemsed to think it wasn't gluten-free. So for anyone who does take Midol, please double check that it is gluten free.

God bless,


~West Coast-Central California~

Mariann, gluten intolerant and mother of 3 gluten intolerant children

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I will list some symptoms of parasitic infection:

Chronic fatigue

Swollen joints

increased appetite after meals

nervous or irritable

bruxism(teeth grinding)

dark circles under eyes

hair loss

night sweats

blurry, unclear vision

foggy brain


abdominal or liver cramps

crusted mucus in nose

rectal itching

bowel urgency


How do you get them?

swimming in creeks, lakes, streams

eating sushi

allowing pets to lick your face

travel in third world countries

eating out at restaurants


drinking from water fountains

I encourage you all to check out Biohealth Diagnostics since they specialize in gluten/celiac cases. Dr. William Timmins is the worlds leading authority on gluten related illnesses. If you check the site out, listen to the radio programs on the main page. There are two one-hour specials on gluten intolerance..Take a listen, very informative!!

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Thomas, thanks so much for the info. I just realized I called you Richard earlier. Sorry, I have no idea where that came from. Must be the brain fogginess. I have many of those symptoms. And I eat sushi all the time. That site looks like a great resource.



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