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Raspberry Sparkletini

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I'm usually VERY cautious and strict...so it's truly a defeating feeling when you gluten yourself because you go too comfortable.

I finished my third bottle (not all at once but a few times over the last few months) of Raspberry Sparkltini. Would you believe this WHOLE time (we're talking a few years) I thought it was champagne.

So imagine my surprise when I finished the bottle and just happened to look at the label and it said "premium malt beverage from Italy". I tried to google search its gluten free status but didn't find too much and at that point the damage was already done. So now I'm just sitting and waiting for the ball to drop (so to speak).

Its my own fault, obviously, but its just such a sad feeling when you do this to yourself...especially when you know better!

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Oh noes! I hope it didn't get you too badly. :o

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