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Some Gluten Free Restaurants In Newmarket

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So i dont know how many of you live in or near Newmarket Ont, but there is a fair bit of gluten free restaurants.

Here is a list of some of them and there websites...

Gabby's (my favorite B) )

- http://www.gabbys.ca/

There gluten free menu- http://www.gabbys.ca/images/menus/menu_gluten_newmarket_1009.pdf


- http://www.montanas.ca/

There gluten free menu- http://www.glutenfreeplanet.ca/menus/gfmontanas.pdf

Lone Star Gill

- http://www.lonestartexasgrill.com/

There gluten free menu- http://www.lonestarsteakhouse.com/files/menu-glutenfree.aspx



There gluten free menu- http://www.wendys.ca/food/pdf/ca/gluten_free_list.pdf

Big Bone BQQ

- http://bigbonebbq.ca/

- you can have anything thats smoked not fried and there salads, and the BBQ sauce is gluten free

And there is more but i am getting tired of looking up there websites haha

hope this helps someone :D

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