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Testing Products At Home

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Does anybody have experience doing ELISA tests on their foods at home?

I strongly suspect that I'm getting glutened by something, and I can't figure it out. I've emailed manufacturers, etc., for details about their manufacturing, but am getting increasingly curious about testing things at home too.

If you've done this, what was your experience? And could you recommend a product to use for the testing?

I live overseas and will be in N. America over the holidays, and would love to pick up some sort of test kit while I'm over there.

Thank you!

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We use gluten home tests - ezgluten and glutentox so far. Home tests use antibody technology, not ELISA as I understand it. I understand that running ELISA tests requires a fair amount of lab equipment investment, not really practical for home application. This antibody technology also may require certain review for customs/quarantine issues. Recommendations from test suppliers I asked were to get the test kits in the country where I need to use them, and do not import them myself. I was told that US domestic travel with the tests was fine (I think the person had traveled with them in checked bags).

And test kits have been a tremendous help to me and my family. Finding other testers who can share results is also very helpful! I am so grateful to be dealing with this when we have this technology available. We took tremendous strides in health and well being when we adopted home testing as part of our strategy for food safety evaluation.

Good luck!

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