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Lady Jane

Positive Ttg + Negative Ema?

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I have hashimotos (10years now, on 125mcg levothyroxine). Although I have suspected food sensitivity for some time, I only recently learned that I could order the tests myself. I ordered the complete celiac panel from Healthcheck USA. My results are from a blood draw. All were normal except ttg-iga was weak positive (6, on a 4-10 , over 10 is strong positive) the EMA came back negative. I have an MD, but she doesn't understand celiac disease nor does she understand Hashimoto's from what I can tell.

I've read that ttg-iga can be falsely positive in people with Hashimotos. So, from your experience how do I interpret my results? Is the positive ttg-iga false positive due to the hashimoto's since the EMA is negative? Does it indicate gluten sensitivity, or nothing. I plan to order the DNA test, but I'm not interested in the biopsy, nor do I think my doctor would order it. I've started a gluten free diet today actually (so far so good;). Any input would be great! Thank

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With the Hashi's I agree that it's hard to interpret. I'd see how you do on the diet. There are some scientists doing research that suggests that gluten-caused inflammation might be a trigger for Hashimoto's, so gluten-free is not a bad idea anyway.

I wouldn't worry about the DNA test. The link between Hashimoto's and gluten intolerance is not dependent on celiac or HLA-DQ. It is a result of an innate immune reaction against gluten.

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