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Picking Your Brain For Knowledge

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Hi,I'm new here.About 7 years ago,it all started,could not keep any food in.Diarrhea. Lost an extreme amount of weight in a very short time.Couldn't seem to find help anywhere.Some one suggested trying gluten free.Since it seemed there was nothing I could eat,it wasn't too hard to do.It took a little bit of time,but it worked. A couple years later,I had a very bad accident and put on and remain on a pain patch,very strong narcotic.I cheated with my diet and it seemed as though the problem was gone.Over time I ate gluten without regarding what it can do.But now I wonder if it wasn't just because of the narcotics that I wasn't in pain with the cramping and always running to the bathroom.I thought I was in heaven.Could eat like a normal person.I am aware that narcotics will bind a person.But now I am not able to go to the bathroom,no matter what laxatives are prescribed.My doctor has told me to use Citro-mag,the stuff given before an operation,to clean a person out.I don't think its very healthy to use it a couple times a week the rest of the week you are trying to recoup from the dehydration. My question is ..could I have done damage inside by being able to ignore the Celiac symptoms.because of the pain medication.Does any one know what happens if the diet isn't altered in a Celiac? I hope this made sense.I am asking here because , I am sorry to say that a lot of family doctors do not have adequate knowledge of Celiac.Some times it comes down to "patient heal thyself".Thank you to anyone that can let me know what they think about the problem.I don't expect you to be a gastro doc,just would like your thoughts because you live with these issues.Thanks all

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I haven't alot of time tonight to write but did you know there are people who have silent celiac? They have no symptoms at all...... celiac is an autoimmune disease & at present the only way of treating it is by strictly following the gluten free lifestyle.. I don't like calling it a diet because for many it is a lifestyle change for better health.

There are over 300 medical issues associated with celiac disease.

I agree that many in our medical arena have no idea about this disease.

We can not see into our intestinal tract on a daily basis to see if our villi have become blunted .so unless a cancer appears or some other illness crops up silent celiac people may never realize they have this disease ..

So yes, you can do your body harm by not following the gluten free way of life..

Years ago doctors used to tell people they will out grow celiac but that just is not true....

If you have celiac you have it for life..

Why don't you get tested, bloodwork & a scope...

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Also - alternating D and C are notorious in Celiac. I never had D my whole life but had C quite badly in the end.

You should deffo get tested for it.

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