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So I've just recently found out in late November that I am gluten intolerant, I was very sick for two months prior. I had no symptoms until I started college. My mom has determined from research that my condition was probably brought out by the large amount of stress I was under, and has also found indicators of having the condition in my past medical history. When I went home for Christmas break I was tested for antibodies. I told my doctor that I had been on a gluten free diet for a month already but he said that I was fine and that the antibodies would still be present. The results came back negative for any antibodies, my question is this: Did he make a mistake and the antibodies would of already been gone? And if so, I really don't want to go back on gluten just to get a positive test result, is there any other way to prove a gluten intolerance without going back on gluten? I wouldn't be so adamant about getting a positive test result if I didn't need it to appeal to live off campus since every time I eat something on campus that is "gluten-free" I get sick again. Any advice on how to argue that I need to be off campus so I can have a healthy diet? Because I am literally scared to eat on campus food of fear of getting sick again. :(

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