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Hello From Kansas

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Hello everyone, I am 23 year old woman, who more than likely has gluten sensitivity, and possible Celiac Disease. Over the past few months I've had horrendous stomach cramps, bad excema, and exhaustion. For my excema, my doctor gave me some steriod cream which has only helped minimally. I've switched laundry detergents, with no results.

He sent me over the asthma and allergy clinic, and they said I'm now allergic to grasses and molds, which I knew, but they also did say, that gluten could be a great contributor to these symptoms. They want me to start a 4 week gluten free diet and see if I should have improvement. If so, keep with the diet. If not, come back?

I also have possible PCOS too so I'm not sure how that is going to play in to all of this.

Anyways,I hope to get some good info from here!

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Hey! Welcome! I'm in Kansas, too ( KC area).

Why wouldn't they give you a blood test for Celiac? If you go gluten-free & then take the test, it won't be valid. Maybe you could get a dermatologist to biopsy next to the active lesions to test for DH ( the skin version of Celiac).

Have they tested you for things like thyroid, iron, B 12, vitamin D? Lack of these can lead to tiredness. Celiac can cause you not to be able to digest and absorb your vitamins in your food or vitamin pills.

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