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Milkfat And Casein

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Hi, 1st-time poster here. So I saw this old thread () and a handful of others on this site and elsewhere about milkfat and casein. But the bottom line is that neither on gluten-free sites nor on the general web does there appear to be easily accessible information about whether to expect that items with "milkfat" listed among the ingredients should be expected to have casein in them. Why not?? I am absolutely mystified as to why there isn't much more readily available information on this. I don't know the process that is used to extract milkfat; I understand that perhaps 100% purity (i.e. absence of casein) might not be something to rely on, but where are the pages stating one position or another and giving the reasons why?

I notice that some Ghirardelli chocolate bars that I have list "milkfat" among the ingredients, but it is not bolded like the other allergens in the big 8 (for example, Ghirardelli prints "soy" in bold).

Does anyone here have any light to shed on this? If so, thank you in advance.

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