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Upper Gas Attack When Eating Pastas?anyone Else?

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Dear all,

New here. I have been having stomach problems mainly reflux and delayed emptying progressively getting worse for 3 years.

I am not eating a 0 gluten diet since all the testes blood and biopsies came back negative. I know I could be intolerant to gluten but when I did a gluten free diet for 2 3 weeks I still had reflux .

My question is did anyone experience a horrible upper gas attack hen eating pasta from a restaurant at least. I am referring kind of gas attack that will cause you to put your hands on the stomach and to bend and will last several hours.

I am hesitating between gluten or wheat intolerance intolerance that triggers when high amounts are consumed or SIBO.



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I have experienced the same kind of things! I am 100% gluten free, diagnosed celiac, but I was still feeling very ill, so I thought maybe some secret gluten was sneaking in. I went to my gastroenterologist, ran some tests, and discovered that I had gastroparesis, reflux, and lactose intolerance. The gastroparesis and the lactose problems were causing all of the severe gas pains. I went on omeprazole for the reflux and it has made a huge difference! I also use a special wedge pillow. I guess what I"m trying to say is, it could be a combination of things, so if possible, you should see a specialist. A few days of testing alleviated years of pain.

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