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Gi Appointment Soon Need Help

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Ok here are my lab results and after looking closer I have so many that are low/borderline low and all of which point to malabsorption! I have an appointment with my GI doctor is 2.5 weeks and I'm going in with this and a list of all my symptoms but I was wondering if anyone had advice on how to get the GI to actually listen? I have only seen this doctor once and he was very good at diagnosing my gallbladder mystery (no pain just constant nausea and weight loss) but any tips would be awesome!

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel-

Anion Gap: 6 5-17 mmol/L

BUN: 7 7-23 MG/DL

Creatinine: 0.6 0.9-1.3 MG/L LOW

BUN/CR ratio 11.7

ALT 15 14-54 Units/L

Sodium 136 136-144 mmol/L

Total Protein 6.9 6.4-8.3 G/DL

Globulin 2.3 2.1-3.9 G/DL

ALK Phos 48 38-126 Units/L

Bili total 0.5 0.3-1.2 MG/GL

Complete Blood Count

MCV 97 80-100 uM^3 -The MCV and RDW each being high can be Folate Deficiancy

RDW 14.4 11.6-14.6 % -

Platelets 178 150-400 K/mm3

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