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Not Sure What To Make Of This

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In 2010 the EGD showed inflammation in the stomach etc. So, I have reflux. Repeat in a year. I don't have any reports from back then.

I recently had a follow-up upper endoscopy & colonoscopy. I had decreased number of duodenal folds in the 2nd part of the duodenum - biopsied. Redness in antrum - biopsy, colon polyp - biopsy.

Aside from the unpleasent symptoms of chronic d and c, along with gerd, I went to the GI to see whats going on due to sharp pains, etc.

Pathology report states: tubular adenoma (okay), chronic gastritis, mild, with focal reactive gastropathic change, with no helicobacter pylori like organisms not found, and duodenum biopsy "without significant pathologic changes, increased intraepithelial lymphocytosis, characteristic of sprue, is not seen.

Firstly, my doctor told me I would not need another/future EGD. I'm diturbed by this first, because I have gerd, and they normally follow that, aside from the findings and changes that are found pathalogically. So, I am very confused. From what I've read, if a pt has decreased number of duodenal folds in the second part that is highly specific and characteristic of celiac, as is intraepithelial lympocytosis. The doctor said I don't have celiac, the blood tests were normal (Im going to ask for a copy). I tried to ask a question and she was already out the door.

I've read how this can go undiagnosed and if that happens a person can develop some nasty stuff. I am going to request all records from this doctor.

In light of the clinical and pathological results, I have read up and what I'm reading, with the findings in me, is suggestive of spru. So, what do I do, especially with a doctor who says I won't need another EGD (to not even follow the gerd - to watch for barrettes esophagus (sp). That's why she's done it in the past, so why stop suddenly, and especially when things are starting to change that are NOT NORMAL.

I'm to see the doc in a month. Do I come out and ask her straight forward why she would not follow the gerd by EGD as previous (not to mention the new stuff found)? Don't the changes further warrant monitoring?

I asked about the reduced duodenal folds, she said its nothing to worry about.?. How can this be? It's an abnormality? I am very confused about this. I was going to ask another question, but the doctor just left. I guess my time was up. I'm very frustrated. She said everything was normal, yet the pathology report had findings that aren't totally normal, so now I have to get the rest of my records...

I think I am in need of a second opinion. What are your thoughts?

If/when I have a second opinion, how do I pick another doctor, one who maybe specializes in celiac? Is there a directory? What do I bring with me to a 2nd opinion? How do I find a good doctor who knows their stuff?

Has anyone had the kind of results I have?

Please Help.

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