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Salicylate Sensitivity

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I was diagnosed last Jan. with Celiac. Did really well with the diet until late Aug., and with the help of this forum, and a few wonderful people from here, found out I had salicylate sensitivity. Someone gave me a link to the site and I tried to follow the food guide for awhile, that is until Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm now trying to get back on track, but I need help! I still find myself with stomach cramping quit a bit after eating.

Because of the restricted diet, I need a fiber supplement. I've been taking Metamucil because I know it's gluten-free, but is it salicylate free? If not, what is good to take?

What about gluten-free bread? Is Rudy's multi-grain ok? If not, what gluten-free bread is ok?

How about decaf coffee and tea (just plain, no sugar, etc.)? If not, what is ok to drink besides water?

What do those of you who have Celiac and salicylate sensitivity eat for breakfast?

Thank you all for your patience and willingness to help. It is greatly appreciated!

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