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New User Here (Introduction)

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Hi everyone. New user here to the celiac forum. I'm currently awaiting biopsy results from an endoscopy to determine if I'm celiac. I've had issues with my weight for about 7-8 months now, losing roughly 25 lbs! I actually originally started to lose weight through tough diet and exercising. However, I noticed that my weight continued to decline even after I relaxed my diet a bit about 2 1/2 months in. This became concerning of course but my original dr shrugged it off, possibly because I have anxiety issues as well. Well I did my own research and narrowed down a couple of things; one being the h. pylori bacteria based on symptoms I was having and the other celiac. I requested a celiac panel and it came back negative. In addition, I got in contact with a naturo-pathic doctor (ND) who got me a food sensitivity panel and gluten was not showing sensitive for me (although I found out most milk base products were, even though I had been drinking/eating those my whole life without issues). I've given milk products since then.

So I continued my research by asking for an h pylori test and sure enough this one came back positive. I started immediate treatment but with my ND instead. After 2 months of treating it using natural means, my next test (a breath test) showed negative. During that time, I had read that removing certain things like gluten could help the gut heal and better help in ridding of the bacteria. The funny thing is I seem to remember that before I began the treatment, I was starting to get abdominal pains (aside from the extra weight loss). But when I removed gluten out (for the most part although not 100%) I seem to remember these pains going away. Anyway toward the end of December, I began eating most breads again and here we are only a few weeks into the new year and I feel the worst symptoms ever.

I've been having these horrible burning abdominal pains and lower/upper back pains. Also really bad tension headaches. I will admit although I've been a little stressed over the past few days because of a recent death in our family. Anyway, I'm waiting then to see what the biopsy says. The GI is also checking for h pylori as well. Does this sound like celiac to anyone? Feel free to ask me questions. Thanks

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