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gluten-free/soy Free Protein Bars

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I have blood sugar issues and I love to keep protein bars handy for when I can't just stop my life and cook a meal. I was eating the Think Thin crunch bars (they are so good), but every afternoon I would get severe stomach cramping. My Dr. figured out that I must be reacting to the soy protein - stopped eating the bars, stopped having the pain. But now I need a replacement. I am VERY low sugar, and most meal replacement type bars are very high in sugar. Does anyone know of a protein bar (or something to have around that would fill me up quickly but would be portable and not require refridgeration)that also does not contain soy? I would like to go to the gym after work again, but I simply cannot go on an empty stomach. So I find myself racing home to cook dinner. Appreciate all the help I get from you guys - so nice to have a place to turn with questions!!

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I found a bar that fits all your needs. You can only get them online though. I've eaten one whole box and 2 more boxes are going to be delivered today. My favorite one is peanut butter supreme. My first box was a sample pack. I like the peanut butter ones the most, so the 2 incoming boxes are both PB. The brownie one is super popular too, but I'm on peanut butter kick, so I ordered the PB one.

They do not taste icky sweet at all. They have a line that uses Stevia as a sweetner, and a line of splenda sweetened bars.

They are gluten and soy free, and have 20 grams of protein in each bar, plus, low glycemic index, and, they don't need to be refridgerated. They do have dairy though, as whey protein is their protein source. I have no problem with dairy, but I know many on the board have dairy issues. Hopefully dairy is tolerable for you.


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