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  1. One of the keys to building mass is nutrition - you need to consume enough calories in the correct form. Lots of protein and veggies with just enough carbs thrown in for energy. I've been lifting for about a year and my progress stalled...did some research and realized I wasn't consuming nearly...
  2. I use those as well for Cream of mushroom recipes. But the Golden mushroom soup has such a different flavor that I have no idea how to recreate it. Thanks for the replies. Funny about hiding mushrooms from your family - I made a vegetable lasagna for my family once using chunks of portabellos...
  3. I have a few recipes that I miss terribly, but that I haven't made in years because they call for using Campbell's Golden Mushroom soup. Anyone know of a substitute or how I could make it myself? Crockpot season is starting, so all the old recipes are calling to me! :-)
  4. chicken breasts with creamy vegetable topping (cream cheese, red pepper, carrot, green onion) with roasted broccoli. Cannot wait to get home cause I'm already starving!
  5. Tonight I'm going with cubed steak and vegetable casserole - comfort food night. This weekend I'm going to attempt to make a broccoli cheese soup - I used to make it with Velveeta, but my system doesn't like it anymore (I swear it just sees the words Processed Cheese Product and revolts). I have...
  6. I use the kinky curly products - I buy them at Whole Foods. I use the shampoo every other day, and the conditioner every day. I use the custard (gel) to style everyday - apply before I get out of the shower while my hair is soaking wet - then wrap in an old tshirt (less friction than a towel)....
  7. I have been having a lot of really lightheaded days and I'm wondering if it's not a reaction to legumes. Some days I'm just fine, others (like today), I'm a mess! I had black bean burritos last night (corn tortillas of course) and within a couple hours, I was feeling dizzy. It's more a feeling...
  8. I understand money is a problem that makes this diet difficult sometimes. That is why you have to learn to cook - I'm lucky in that I love to do it. But I know some people don't. Unfortunately, in order to have variety and a healthy diet, it's necessary at times. I hardly ever buy anything that...
  9. I feel your pain - literally. Unfortunately there isn't a lot that can be done. I've noticed that the things that worked best for me were cold compresses and white vinegar. Only very temporary relief, but sometimes even 15 minutes without scratching can be a godsend. I would normally take a cold...
  10. Last night I made chicken and black bean tacos. I used to make them as burritos, but haven't found a suitable flour tortilla substitute yet and I don't like corn tortillas. So I just fill taco shells now and it's still delicious! I've always loved to cook and I'm not letting this gluten-free thing...
  11. Your cat is adorable!!:>)