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  1. She has had behavioral problems for years - at one point he said they had her on Abilify, but decided that was a bit strong for a 9 yr old. They are coming at this from a good place - don't continue to mask the problem...get to the root of it. She has been very tired and almost depressed for awhile, which is why they had the tests done. They went through standard pediatrician who specializes in dietary restrictions (which is why I was surprised she didn't run a celiac panel or blood vitamin/mineral tests). Apparently this Dr is very in demand (they had the blood draw in August and couldn't get a follow up appt to go over results until this past Friday 11/8 - crazy!!) I of course did not discount the Dr's opinion, but I did explain to him that a lot of this information is subjective and it would be in their best interest to get the celiac panel done now before they make radical changes to her diet (that way they can have the other kids tested if it comes back positive as well). I was trying my best to help with recipes and food ideas, but I'm allowed dairy (in small amounts) and all my good recipes contain something she can't have. Mostly need lunch ideas to take to school - poor kid.
  2. One of the guys I work with just had his 10yr old daughter tested and it turns out she is intolerant to just about everything. Now I don't always think that the bloodtests for sensitivities are 100% accurate, but he was told they need to cut out gluten, eggs, dairy, peanuts (and other tree nuts), and most likely soy. This leaves them with very little IMO to eat. I'm gluten free and semi-dairy free so I'm only a little bit of help to him. I gave him this web address as a starting off point, but right now, their heads are swimming. He has 3 other kids and they are trying to decide if they whole family should follow some of the guidelines or just the daughter. They are seeing a dietician soon, but thought maybe I could get some other great resources from this group - this is always my first stop for questions since you all are so super helpful all the time. I'm really just looking for ideas on what a 10yr old can eat with all this. Sidenote - he didn't say whether or not the Dr. did a celiac panel. I told him about it (had never heard of celiac disease before) and asked that he call the Dr prior to pulling gluten out of her diet. The sheer number of intolerances suggests to me that there is something else going on.
  3. Probiotics are always a good idea IMHO - I have been without mine for a week (I take PB8) and have really noticed a difference. Ok, so on the candida diet issue. I realize there are many opinions and everyone's body reacts differently. So this is what works/doesn't work for me. I seem to react to any carbs/sugar...no matter if it's gluten-free or not. Had a "rebel" moment on Friday and inhaled an entire gluten-free pizza bc it was the best thing I've ever had...however, I am now paying the huge price of fatigue, terrible skin issues (my head is one giant sebborhea outbreak), weakness, brain fog, and most likely the beginning yet another yeast infection (get them ALL the time if I don't watch my diet). Only way for me to keep any of these symptoms at bay is to take my probiotic, and only eat protein/veggies. Which for me is eggs/bacon or nut bar for breakfast, salad/grilled chicken/leftovers/egg salad/soup/chili/etc for lunch, and dinner is almost always some type of meat with veggie side (roasted broccoli being my obsession). If I stick to this with no alcohol, I can still keep my two cups of coffee in the morning and the very occasional starch at a restaurant (i.e. mashed potatoes, baked potato, rice, etc)...but only if I do that once or twice a month. My diet was much easier for me to follow when it was just me. My wonderful bf lives with me now which has changed my eating habits a bit - however, he's helping me get back on track (seriously, where did this glorious man come from?) - he will eat anything I put in front of him and actually prefers my gluten-free stuff most times. It's hard to adjust to a different way of eating - you will most likely relapse many times. I just try to remind myself of the consequences before I stuff carbs/sugar in my face...lol. Doesn't always work, but so far things are getting better.
  4. I use an Apple Cider Vinegar/water mixture as a toner for my rosacea and seb derm. My face isn't nearly as red as it was before. My seb derm has gotten out of control lately and I'm pretty sure it's candida related (once again). God forbid I have a glass of wine or a CARB once in awhile. I notice it the most on my poor scalp, but also have dry itchy patches on my eyelids and right under my eyes. Diflucan will work for me to clear it up temporarily, but it comes right back - plus that stuff is really hard on your liver. I've heard that Nystatin is easier on the system - my Gyn won't prescribe it of course because she doesn't believe in systemic yeast issues. Have an appt with my dermatologist next week - hopefully she has some better answers (although I know the real answer is don't ever ingest a grain, sugar or a drop of wine the rest of your entire life). Sigh....
  5. My biggest frustration is how most things change/go bad so quickly. I have made some awesome cupcakes, muffins, etc that taste beyond fantastic out of the oven. But by day two, they are overly moist, falling apart or moldy within a few days. This has happened so many times, that I just haven't bothered for many months. And as Wintersong mentioned, all the ingredients are so expensive that it's hard for me to justify baking a batch of muffins that I either have to inhale in one day (delightful yes, but oh the stomachache) or I have to freeze them (never taste the same again after that). I suppose I'm doing my waistline a favor by not baking, but I do miss the indulgence once in awhile.
  6. Thank you both! I did the crock pot thing last year, but did not toast first - that must be the magic trick! I'll try it this weekend perhaps and see if it works! Def like the crock pot option since the oven is already spoken for all day on Thanksgiving
  7. I know it's a little early, but this year I need to do a test run before the big day. Last year was my first attempt at gluten-free stuffing - I used Udi's I think. The flavor was good, but the consistency was mush. I didn't pre-toast the cubes because we never did this with regular bread before. But I'm thinking that I may have to do that step this year. What brand have you had the best results with? I make a very basic bread stuffing (no meat) - just butter, onion, herbs/spices - mom's recipe calls for celery, but I hate it, so since I'm making it for just me, I get to omit it! :-)
  8. My extreme weight loss (along with other symptoms) is what lead me to my self diagnosis two years ago. I've always been tall and thin, but at 5'10", I got down to almost a size 0 and I looked horrible. Didn't matter how much I ate, I simply could not gain an ounce. As soon as I took gluten out of my diet, I started absorbing nutrients again - gotta tell ya, I've never been that hungry in my life...I ate ALL time my first month gluten-free. Started to gain weight back - once I figured out to cook healthy meals for myself that didn't include a lot of calorie/fat dense gluten-free substitutes, my health improved greatly. I've recently gotten very serious about weight-lifting and for the first time in my life, I'm at a size and body shape that I love. Have enough curve to still be feminine, but my muscle tone has never been better. I will never go back to eating all that stuff again.
  9. 49 Yo Bodybuilder Needing Advice.

    I'll try upping my fat intake as well. If was feeling SO sluggish at the gym for awhile...upped my carb intake and my energy was great...however, my body hates carbs in all other ways (my skin breaks out in seborrhea, I bloat like crazy, get headaches, standard candida reaction stuff). Doing a massive grocery shopping trip followed by cooking this weekend - guess I'll be stocking up on avocados and almond butter as well. Desperately need to find the right balance - I hate those gym days where your muscles have the potential to do so much more than your energy stores will allow
  10. One of the keys to building mass is nutrition - you need to consume enough calories in the correct form. Lots of protein and veggies with just enough carbs thrown in for energy. I've been lifting for about a year and my progress stalled...did some research and realized I wasn't consuming nearly enough calories. The more muscle to gain, the more calories (even at rest) you burn. Also, if your goal is mass, you're going to have to cut back on the amount of cardio you're doing. Definitely keep doing some (especially if you significantly increase your calorie intake), but if you run 30 miles a week, you won't see the bulk you want. As far as gaining a lot of muscle without the gym, that's a tough one. You could start with a standard set of dumbbells or resistance bands, but you won't make much progress if you keep lifting the same weight over time. Since you mentioned having access to your college gym, I would take full advantage of that. I recently began using workouts from bodybuilding.com and they have really helped (great nutritional advice on there as well - of course, make your gluten-free adjustments). A year ago I was a tall, super skinny woman with no muscle tone. In the last 5 months, I've gained a ton of muscle and can now almost legpress my body weight (5'9" 135lbs). I try to increase weight every third workout on a particular muscle group, but go up weight slowly and only if I can keep proper form. If you can tolerate whey, it's the best protein to buy (and usually tastes the best). Make sure you find one that's gluten free - you can drink it straight, in a smoothie or even make protein bars with it. Hope this helps! ~Strong is the new skinny!
  11. I've only tried Bard's and Redbridge. Bard's I didn't care for the taste...Redbridge is a weird story. I started to notice that every time I had it, the next day I was an emotional wreck. Every time!! Didn't matter if I had one or four...didn't matter what else I ate that day (always gluten-free of course), the next day I was a mess of tears for no reason at all. I want to try another brand, but haven't happened upon a weekend where it wouldn't matter if I was bawling all the next day. Guess I'll stick to wine for now - been trying a couple ciders, but most are so darn sweet!!
  12. Same thing happened to me awhile back - after supplementing digestive enzymes and HCl with every protein filled meal (I'm mostly Paleo, so protein is with almost every meal), my symptoms subsided. Only time I really have trouble now is when I go a little overboard with carbs or with dairy....or if I'm in PMS week - can't figure out how to get rid of the bloat during PMS week, but hey, at least I know what it is right? Look at the symptoms of low stomach acid and see if they meet what you're going through. Stuff saved me from a lot of pain and suffering.
  13. Personally, I kinda like Redbridge - didn't at first, but it's an acquired taste. What I can't figure out though, is why I have a horrible reaction to it. Every single time I've had it, the next day I'm an emotional wreck. Even if I'm having a great day, nothin but sunny skies, I cry uncontrollably for most of the day. SO strange!! Haven't had one since last summer because of it...may have to try it again as an experiment. Would like to try some others, just to compare. Tried Bard's, but didn't care for it at all.
  14. No, so far same ol same ol. Actually not looking forward to eating lunch at all today - why bother right? Going to attempt to go very bland this weekend and see what happens. If this keeps up much longer, I will have to make a dr. appt - which I absolutely HATE to do, because all I'm going to hear is, oh I don't know - you want an antibiotic? Anti-depressant? Acid reducer? Those seem to be the only three things any of my doctors could think to do in any given situation. Oh, you have an itchy rash? Here take Prozac - wtf?? Sorry, as you can see, I'm in a bit of a mood this morning. But it's Friday so hopefully I can turn my mood around! Thanks everybody!
  15. Yes, taking the same probiotic daily (PB8, gluten-free, dairy free, soy free). I was using a Whey protein powder (gluten-free of course) for awhile and I thought that was the culprit. But haven't had it for two days now, and still have to run to the bathroom approx 1 hour after eating anything. Aside from that symptom and being more tired than usual, I really feel fine. My anxiety is on high alert lately though and I do know I have a bit more stress going on (i.e. where does my money go, my ins is changing, the guy I thought was "different" turned into a typical you know what), but I don't necessarily feel overwhelmed or anything.