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  1. She has had behavioral problems for years - at one point he said they had her on Abilify, but decided that was a bit...
  2. One of the guys I work with just had his 10yr old daughter tested and it turns out she is intolerant to just about everything...
  3. ndw3363

    Low Sugar Diet For Candida Management

    Probiotics are always a good idea IMHO - I have been without mine for a week (I take PB8) and have really noticed a difference...
  4. ndw3363

    Rosacea/seborrheic Dermatitis?

    I use an Apple Cider Vinegar/water mixture as a toner for my rosacea and seb derm. My face isn't nearly as red as it...
  5. My biggest frustration is how most things change/go bad so quickly. I have made some awesome cupcakes, muffins, etc...
  6. Thank you both! I did the crock pot thing last year, but did not toast first - that must be the magic trick! I'll try...
  7. I know it's a little early, but this year I need to do a test run before the big day. Last year was my first attempt...
  8. My extreme weight loss (along with other symptoms) is what lead me to my self diagnosis two years ago. I've always been...
  9. ndw3363

    49 Yo Bodybuilder Needing Advice.

    I'll try upping my fat intake as well. If was feeling SO sluggish at the gym for awhile...upped my carb intake and my...
  10. ndw3363

    Want Muscle Without Losing Weight

    One of the keys to building mass is nutrition - you need to consume enough calories in the correct form. Lots of protein...
  11. ndw3363

    gluten-free Beer - What Do You Drink?

    I've only tried Bard's and Redbridge. Bard's I didn't care for the taste...Redbridge is a weird story. I started to...
  12. Same thing happened to me awhile back - after supplementing digestive enzymes and HCl with every protein filled meal...
  13. Personally, I kinda like Redbridge - didn't at first, but it's an acquired taste. What I can't figure out though, is...
  14. ndw3363

    Constant D And Desperate

    No, so far same ol same ol. Actually not looking forward to eating lunch at all today - why bother right? Going to...
  15. ndw3363

    Constant D And Desperate

    Yes, taking the same probiotic daily (PB8, gluten-free, dairy free, soy free). I was using a Whey protein powder (gluten...