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Sore Back Neck And Under Ribs

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Hello I'm new here I was dianosed with graves disease almost 2yrs ago now in the summer of last year I started having pain under my ribs it wasnt to bad and would come and go so never thought anything of it well now is a different story everything hurts I was having a sandwich about a month ago and about 20mins later started to have pain started looking into everything I was having and everything pointed to gluten so making an appointment with my dr the pain is unbearable now. Was wondering if anyone else had the same symtoms back pain Rib pain and also feels like my insides are all inflamed swollen

Thanks in advance for your help

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I did.. I had stones in Gallbladder.. I also had hyperthyroidism at for about 6 years when they found the gallstones.. After they were removed my thyroid was fine.. So weird..

And now i'm having pain under right back rib again today and i feel something.. I really hope its not a tumor, or cyst under my right rib..

i'm trying the gluten free after my last doctor said I had IBS.. I fired him..lol.. yeah right.. IBS..lol..

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