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Weird Rash On Back! Possibly Gluten Induced?

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Hello everyone! So here's the quick run down....I've had symptoms all of my life but could never figure out what was wrong with me. I recently came across the issue of celiac/gluten sensitivity. I had sooooo many symptoms. So I went without gluten for a couple of weeks. I felt so much better in many aspects. Well.... I slipped up and had lots of gluten filled food the other day. Next thing I know my upper back is covered in these weird rash whelps. They do not itch or hurt. I thought it was ringworm at first. I looked up pictures of ringworm and they seem much more red and pronounced than what I have. This isnt the first time ive seen these though. This is just the worst outbreak. Ive had these pop up here and there before, usually on the chest or back area. Its never been anywhere else. I dont have insurance, otherwise i'd have gone to a dermatolgist.

Has anyone else had something that looked like this before, or know what this could be? Possibly a reaction to the gluten? Any help is appreciated.


Closeup, kinda blurry sorry


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