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Wheat Allergy Maybe?

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I have a rather perplexing situation. One night out of the blue while sleeping I had an anaphylactic reaction to an unknown substance, was placed in ICU for several days. I went to the allergist and did not test positive to anything, food or otherwise (don't know if tested for wheat allergy).

From then on, my hands and feet itched everyday, bloating (which was not aware this was going on-knew stomach was bigger and wouldn't go away no matter what), fatigue settled in, irritability commenced. No other reactions for 3 years and then one day at work (Paramedic), another anaphylactic reaction, again ICU for several days.

Was placed on Zyrtec, Singulair and Zantac for prophylactic treatment. Now hands, feet and lips itched everyday. Still nothing to account for it. Had a typtase blood test, it was elevated and was sent to a specialist for mastocytosis. So far everything is negative but are now going to do a colonoscopy for Carcinoid Syndrome and still checking for mastocytosis.

While waiting, I spoke with an atypical allergy specialist and she advised cutting out wheat. I have been doing research about celiac disease and alot of the symptoms "fit". I am beginning to wonder if I am allergic to wheat. I laid off gluten for approx. 3 weeks and I felt better, the itching stopped, the diahreaa and comstipation was better, I slept better and I think this maybe related. The only thing that confuses me is in the 3 year interium, I ate wheat everyday without a reaction. Now if I eat it I bloat, get nauseous, abdominal pain with cramps and now I get headaches. Sometimes these symptoms are instantly and some one day.

I am wondering if I should bring this up to the specialist. Has anyone had any occurances like mine?

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