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I have not eaten gluten for one month today, I decided that I am sensitive to it, especially since I have Hashimotos disease. since I stopped I have gotten worse, my main symptom starts in the back of my tongue, always pleghm (spelling?) as soon as I eat anything...then the 'war' starts in my stomach almost within minutes...lots of noises and discomfort, not really pain...then I will start with the gas, incredible amounts (lucky for me they don't smell at all!!!!!) but it's impossible to be around other people...luckily my husband loves me a lot (33 yrs) or I would be in real trouble!

So, I am now doing my own elimination diet, had a pear this morning, that was ok, then asparagus for lunch and dinner...so far,pretty ok...yams work fine, too....I stopped drinking alcohol around a year ago because it didn't feel right at night, headaches etc, which I never had before, stopped with coffe 2 yrs ago, too...I have been an insomniac for 20 yrs. doing some estrogen and progesterone cream every third night and I sleep like a baby that night...all very confusing!oh, forgot to mention that I've dealt with chronic constipation forever and hoping that gluten free will help there, too...milk of magnesia is my weekly remedy, I hope that google was correct telling me it's gluten free....so much to learn, but I' m patient and I do prepare good foods, salads and quinoa (add herbs and spices and it's delicious!) I'm 63 and exercise a lot, golf, hiking, swimming, 4mile walks almost daily, so there's no lack of exercise! Enough rambling, sorry...would love to know if anyone has the tongue/throat issue?

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